• Product is sold individually, purchase two copies to encapsulate batteries
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Grasshopper Battery Sleeve - 2x2

1.00 Ounces

Product Description

Thix flexible sleeve was designed to hold four Grasshopper Vaporizer batteries in a 2x2 configuration.  Batteries are held in place with a friction fit. 

*Product is sold individually. Purchase two if you wish to encase your battieries from both ends*

Buy two or more, and get 15% off!

Looking for a different configuration or a different size diameter? No problem! Contact us for custom orders!

Product Reviews

  1. This is the reason I even found this website!

    Posted by Joe on Aug 25th 2016

    When I purchased my Grasshopper one of my biggest worries was having a good fitting case for the spare batteries, like an 18650 battery box case. I looked around for a battery case for the specific battery size of the GH batteries but couldn't find anything. Getting frustrated I just googled Grasshopper Battery cases and stumbled across these. Perfect! I mean close to perfect, I'm sure the holes on the ends are there to allow air to escape but doesn't that reduce how protective these are? Say someone had keys in the same pocket with 2 of these wrapped around 4 batteries. If the keys manage to get in a position where it somehow make connection on both top and bottom through the holes wouldn't that create a short? I know this is a long shot, I am simply stating there is a reasonable scenario where these might not help protect the batteries as well as they could. I tested the resilience of the material by twisting, flatting, etc. and I have been satisfied to see no changes. I have yet to receive my grasshopper so I don't currently have batteries to put in these but I don't expect any issues.

    Also, why didn't you guys have the Volcano Caps earlier! Now I might have to make a stand alone order of just a Volcano cap.

  2. Sleek yet simple; does the job!

    Posted by Adam on Aug 5th 2016

    They're soft but strong. It's never good to carry batteries bare in your pocket, so this safely stores all your batteries easily.

Other Details

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Max Temperature:
150F (66C)
Order Processing Time:
1-3 Days

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