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Basket Screen Press - BP380

23.00 Ounces

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Product Description

This press was designed to easily form 3/4-inch round screens into baskets for use with various devices such as the E-Nano, Underdog, and HeatIsland.  
The finished baskets have a diameter of 9.6mm with flared edges to fit tubes with an inside diameter of between 9.4 and 11mm (including 14mm glass male fittings)

Want to test our baskets before investing in a press? Now you can purchase a 5-pack of formed screens!

Kit includes

- Clamp
- Press Plate & Piston (preinstalled on clamp)
- 25 Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Screens


Press Instructions

  1. Partially unscrew Piston and place new screen into press
  2. Push carriage/piston assembly into position. *CAREFULLY* align the piston with the center of the screen
  3. Begin slowly tightening the screw to start forming the basket. 
  4. Continue to slowly tighten piston until the basket screen pops out.
  5. Inspect every screen for defects, tearing, or metal particles.
    *We suggest rinsing in ISO prior to use, but this is optional


Product Videos

Ratchett's Screen Press 01:10

Ratchett's Screen Press

  • Ratchett's Scr...
    Ratchett's Screen Press

Product Reviews

  1. First Impressions on Basket Screen Press - BP380

    Posted by Lee on Apr 13th 2018

    I didn't see any reviews when I decided to buy this Basket Screen Press (BP380), so I figured I should write one. Whenever possible I like to see comments from someone who actually owns and uses a product, especially when it's something I can't lay my hands on.

    I got tired of paying $1 apiece for enano screens so I decided to take a chance on this. My first impression when I got it was that it is larger, heavier, and sturdier that I had expected. It's quite simple to use. The screens seem to be just slightly larger in diameter than those provided by the vape manufacturer, but otherwise I couldn't tell much difference. They fit, and they seem to work just fine in my vaporizer's stems.

    The build seems to be pretty solid - I don't expect I'll be buying a replacement for a very long time, if ever. It certainly isn't the most sleek or elegant gizmo I've ever had, but it is quite simple and it seems to work well.

    A couple words of advice, though. For those who can't read (like me), the press comes with a pack of 25 screens. You don't necessarily have to buy another one (as I did). Also, the thing is made of metal and it's relatively heavy, so be careful if you're using it on a surface that might scratch and don't drop it on anything that could break.

    I decided it would be good to clean the screens off before using them, though I honestly didn't see or smell any sort of oil on them. Probably not a bad idea, though I would have cleaned them off before running them through the press had I thought ahead. I rinsed them in 91% isopropanol, then water, then warm soapy dishwater, then water again and left them sitting out overnight to dry before testing one in a stem.

    I'm embarrassed to say that it took me pressing several baskets to figure out that the screens actually fit down into the press, which really helps center the operation. With rather limited dexterity it took a little playing around, but they click right into place, making the whole operation easier.

    Finally, actually pressing the basket out requires you turn a handle, sort of like a screwdriver handle. That shouldn't be a problem for most folks, but might cause some issues for someone with say, arthritis.

    Is it worth the price? I guess that's up to you. I think I got my money's worth.

Other Details

Aluminum, Plastic, Steel
216 x 115 x 25mm
Order Processing Time:
24 Hours

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