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Firewood V8 Capsule Loading Tray

1.50 Ounces

Product Description

The easiest way to fill four Firewood V8 ceramic capsules at one time! To use, simply insert four empty capsules into the bottom tray then install top tray and load herbs into capsules. Use the tamping tool's edge to scrape herbs into the capsules, then tamp herbs into capsules as desired.  Carefully remove top tray to remove capsules.

(Note, we recommend using over a tray or sheet of paper to collect any herbs which may fall through the bottom of the capsules during loading). 


Kit Includes:

  • Top & Bottom loading trays
  • Tamping Tool
  • 1x Rubber Band


(NOTE: Capsules NOT included with purchase)

Product Reviews

  1. Another brilliant device from 3D Delta!

    Posted by Moondog on Sep 19th 2022

    Short version: This loading tray rocks.
    Longer version: This loading tray totally rocks!!!!

    The tolerances on this thing are really tight. The inner wall of the opening in the top part of the tray exactly matches the inner wall of the capsule at its widest point. So I don't see that there will be any issue with excess material being left on top of the capsule wall after loading. Especially once you use the tamping tool.

    A capsule fits into a silo of the tray perfectly and the tamping tool fits into the capsule perfectly.

    The "base" of the tamping tool fits into the top of the tray nicely for use as a scraper to push errant material into the capsule(s). That base also serves as a natural "stop" when tamping down. The base meets the outer edge of the tray and that's as far as you can tamp. That will work fine when filling caps with healthy/full doses. But I'll probably use my own tamping tool most of the time because my micro-doses fill up so little of the capsule that the tamping tool base hits that "stop" point before I've tamped as firmly as I want to.

    The bottom of each of the four silos is open and at first you might think (as I did) "I wonder if it would be better for that to be closed so that the screen has support when I'm tamping down", but when you're ready to take the cap out of the tray you remove the top part of the tray, place a fingertip under the silo with the capsule in it and apply the slightest pressure and that capsule lifts up out of the silo just enough to make it even easier to remove from the tray.

    In summary: If, like me, you are a FW8 user who faces challenges in the fine motor department, the quality-of-life improvement made by this device is immeasurable. If, like me, you like cool vape-related gadgets and showering your new vape with accessories to make it feel welcome, this device will make you and your vape very happy. If, like me, you enjoy supporting small made-in-the-USA businesses that provide stellar customer service...well, you get the idea.

    3D Delta loading tray for the FW8. Accept no substitutes.

Warranty Information

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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