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Spa Filter Spinner Drill Attachment

9.00 Ounces

Product Description

Cleaning your hot tub spa filters is a crucial part of keeping your water clean and clear - the cleaner your filters, the less chemicals you'll need to keep your water clean.
Unsatisfied with other filter cleaning tools on the market which further impregnated dirt into spa filters during cleaning, we set out to explore alternative methods to clean the filters. After several different prototype designs, we had the brilliant idea to utilize centrifugal forces to pull dirt OUT of the filters.

NEW:  Not certain what size you need?  Visit our Filter Spinner Lookup Guide

How to use the Spa Filter Spinner:

  1. Fill one bucket with water (5-gallon buckets work for many spa filters, but some filters may be too tall/large and require a bigger bucket).   OPTIONAL:  Add filter cleaning solution to bucket, second bucket with fresh water to flush filters
  2. Loosen Handle Nut so it is not compressing rubber plug
  3. Connect filter spinner widget to filter (CAREFUL:  Ensure plug is centered and drive shaft is perfectly vertical with the filter - any slight angle will cause filter to rock violently when rotating at higher RPMs)
  4. Tighten Handle Nut until rubber plug is compressed and gripping filter. (CAUTION:  Avoid over-tightening nut and breaking filter - we are not liable for damage caused by over-tightening!)
  5. Attach Filter Spinner to Battery powered drill (NOTE: Do NOT use with a plug-in power drill)
  6. Insert filter into bucket. Use low speed RPMs to swish water through filter pleats.  Switch from forward to reverse to flush water in opposite directions through the pleats
  7. Remove filter from water bucket, move to empty bucket.  CAREFULLY spin up your power drill to pull dirt out of the filters (we advise not exceeding a maximum of 1500 RPMs)
  8. Repeat if necessary before reinstalling back into hot tub. 
This filter attachment fits all standard battery powered drills with it's 1/4-inch quick change hex head drive shaft.  
Safety and Tips:
  • Wear eye protection when spinning the filter at high RPMs to avoid injuries.
  • Make sure to select the proper plug size for your filter's inside diameter - contact us if you need assistance.
  • Use extreme caution when tightening the locking handle nut to avoid breaking the filter frame.
  • Be careful when spinning the drill at high RPMs, as the filter may break free from the widget if not properly installed.
  • The widget works best with a Quick-change keyless 1/4 in. hex chuck.
  • Use a battery-powered drill to avoid the risk of electrocution.
  • Allow the drill to stop moving before handling the filter.
  • Always start at low-speed RPMs until you're comfortable with the cleaning procedure and have verified that the Filter Spinner is properly installed on the filter.
Important Notes:
  • This product is a consumable item and is warranted against defective parts and labor only, not from misuse or normal wear and tear.
  • While most power drills will work, a 1/4 quick-change hex mount works best to lock the spinner into place securely.
  • Ensure the locking washer is properly engaged with the bolt before attaching the filter spinner to your filter. Failure to do so may result in damage to the rubber plug.
  • Not all power drills may have sufficient torque. For larger filters requiring higher RPMs, consider using a drill with more torque to ensure optimal performance.
  • This tool is designed to work best on filters with straight and smooth openings. While it may also function with threaded filters, please note that it might not grip the filter as effectively for maximum torque.
  • We are not liable for damage to your filters when using this product. Please use extreme caution, especially with older filters.
  • Use extreme caution when tightening the locking handle nut to avoid breaking the filter frame.
  • Caution: Exercise care when tightening the adapter to avoid damaging the rubber plug. We are not liable for damage caused by over-tightening. Replacement plugs are available for purchase; please contact us for pricing information.


MADE IN THE USA - Designed & Assembled in America
(Using every available American made component we could find or manufacture ourselves)

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