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Mighty v3 Waterpipe Adapter

0.60 Ounces
Temporarily out of stock! Accepting pre-orders for next batch due Feb 29th 2024

Product Description

Designed to fit the Mighty and Crafty in place of the cooling unit. This adapter will work with both 14mm and 18mm female bubblers / waterpipes.
To use, simply unlock and remove the cooling unit from the device and attach the adapter. Twist adapter to lock into place. 

(NOTE! Locking threads are made from flexible rubber to ensure no damage/strain on the plastic body of the device while in use. Under extreme strain, the adapter will disengage from the plastic as opposed to stressing it. Dosing Capsules are recommended to ensure no ABV spills in the event your adapter disengages from the threads! For best results, we have found twisting device clockwise while removing from glass ensures the adapter remains connected). 

Adapters are safe to clean with any traditional glass cleaning methods including hot water, Isopropyl Alcohol, and PBW.  

UPDATE: This adapter is confirmed compatible with the Vivant Alternate


(Glass waterpipe, device, and stand NOT included with this purchase)

*WARNING:  Saturating any silicone rubber with ISO Alcohol for extended periods of time will harden the rubber (risking damage to your adapter).  ISO Alcohol may be used for cleaning but please avoid prolonged exposure exceeding one hour*

Product Reviews

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  1. The glass ones will break your device

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 15th 2023

    The silicone adapters are better than the glass also when my butterfingers accidentally drops. Glass shatters but silicone bounces. Why get an adapter? Even though there are cooling fins on both the Mighty/Crafty, there is still 200°-700° and higher temps going into your lungs. The body wasn’t designed for that. Cool your smoke with water and your head and lungs will thank you!

  2. it's works...but is it worth it....

    Posted by Pot Pirates on Jul 12th 2023

    It's worth it!! any water filtration makes the mighty smoother... get a glass piece that is stable with the mighty and you good to go!!

  3. Best Accessory for the Mighty and Crafty

    Posted by Josh R on May 31st 2023

    I've been using this accessory for over a year now but ordered spares since the price is good and they are not easily enough available in Australia.

  4. The Best!

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 29th 2023

    The Mighty/Crafty V3 WPA is perfect. The silicone is soft and easy on the water piece yet firm enough to hold a screen. They fit the vaporizer well.
    I bought two of these and am very happy!

  5. My Crafty+ love affair keeps growing!

    Posted by Richard on Nov 5th 2022

    The WPA V3 lifts the experience of vaping to the next level.
    More practical than the Starry whip mouthpiece adapter.
    It really helps to take me back to the good old days of mega rips on the bong, but without the health risk of combusting.

  6. A solid adapter

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 28th 2022

    A great adapter! If you're looking to use your Mighty with a water pipe I can't recommend this enough.

  7. A Mandatory Purchase

    Posted by Jon M. on Oct 27th 2022

    When I got the Mighty+, it changed my life. When this WPA arrived, I transcended this mortal realm.

    Fr tho, this ingenious thing took care of my only complaint about the Mighty; the dry throat. Consecutive hits dry me out and makes the inhalation painful, but adding water to the mix soothes and calms my throat (and lets me take denser hits too).

    Would definitely buy again.

  8. great WPA

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 26th 2022

    silicone makes for a much better seal than glass. this WPA works great.

  9. Perfect fit

    Posted by Matt on May 24th 2022

    Fits great, stays in place on. Mighty+ A lot better then the plastic & glass kind WPA, messed up the plastic on my mighty

  10. Awesome

    Posted by Cold Panda on May 12th 2022

    Good quality. Don't have to worry about breaking glass adapter

Showing reviews 1-10 of 98 | Next

Warranty Information

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Other Details

Silicone Rubber
Temperature Rating:
475F (246C) Maximum

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