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Mighty v3 Waterpipe Adapter

1.00 Ounces

Product Description

Designed to fit the Mighty and Crafty Vaporizers in place of the cooling unit. This adapter will work with both 14mm and 18mm female bubblers / waterpipes.
To use, simply unlock and remove the cooling unit from the vaporizer and attach the adapter. Twist adapter to lock into place. 

(NOTE! Locking threads are made from flexible rubber to ensure no damage/strain on the plastic body of the vaporizer while in use. Under extreme strain, the adapter will disengage from the plastic as opposed to stressing it. Dosing Capsules are recommended to ensure no ABV spills in the event your adapter disengages from the threads! For best results, we have found twisting vaporizer clockwise while removing from glass ensures the adapter remains connected to the vape). 

Adapters are safe to clean with any traditional glass cleaning methods including hot water, Isopropyl Alcohol, and PBW.  

UPDATE: This adapter is confirmed compatible with the Vivant Alternate Vaporizer 

NEW SONG2 MATERIAL  - These SonG2 adapters are made with new higher quality stronger (stiffer) silicone rubber using the latest in silicone molding technology.

(Glass waterpipe, vaporizer, and stand NOT included with this purchase)

*WARNING:  Saturating any silicone rubber with ISO Alcohol for extended periods of time will harden the rubber (risking damage to your adapter).  ISO Alcohol may be used for cleaning but please avoid prolonged exposure exceeding one hour*

Product Reviews

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  1. A Good Quality Adapter, an Unfortunate Issue

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 11th 2020

    The 3D print looks nice, clean look and good quality. The rubber is thick and made of a safe material for vaping, so no worries there. The issue I have with this is clearly not a secret to everyone, it's very easy to accidentally crack open the adapter when it's attached to the Mighty and because the device is facing downwards, to accidentally spill all your material. Which nobody likes. This is because the rubber used is not very stiff, it can support the Mighty but only when held at a certain angle or with one hand. This is no fault on Delta, which is why I'm not removing a star. It's an unfortunate situation the adapter is in; it must be a soft rubber as to not damage the Mighty's lock but being as soft as it is, it easily detaches from the Mighty. This isn't to discourage you from getting this adapter. It's the best quality adapter for the price. It's just that you have to be cautious with the adapter, namely when you hold your piece in a position that places pressure on the adapter. It WILL break off, same goes with pulling it out of your downstem. I find it easiest to hold the base of the adapter (two fingers, one on each end on the base of the adapter) and give a firm, yet gentle pull to quickly and easily remove it from the downstem. I know future adapter models will continue to get more stiff, but for where we are right now, it's a good quality adapter, especially for its price, that has a bit of a problem and a small learning curve to it. Good luck to Delta in the future, good guy and listens to feedback. Hope you're able to figure out the issue.

  2. Works and won't break your vape

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 11th 2020

    It works with no issues for me to connect the vape and pipe. It's made of flexible material that is easy to attach.

  3. Seamless sturdy adapter. Love it!

    Posted by Donna on Dec 28th 2019

    This adapter is flawless in its support for my Mighty and water pipe. I am able to enjoy full and smooth pulls Bc my water pipe smoothes out even further the great vapor from the Mighty. Totally recommend this adapter and a water pipe! I use refrigerator cold water and ice in the neck of my pipe. Awesome!! I am able to get 12 deep draws from a dosage capsule (provided by Mighty) of material comfortably.

  4. High quality product

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 10th 2019

    Product definitely feels high quality, works perfectly with my mighty. Should add a semi-circle hole on the lip that holds the screen in so that the screen is easier to remove for cleaning.

  5. Great product

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 13th 2019

    I bought another glass adapter before I saw this one was available and was disappointed. Then I searched the net and found the Delta version. Way better..!!! I’m gonna give the glass one away..

  6. Great adapter (can turn dab pens into dab rigs as well!)

    Posted by Alek M. on Sep 7th 2019

    It works well with my crafty. It should be noted that it comes off rather easily, but if you're careful it's not a problem. I have had it pop off a couple times though. So definitely make sure you're using dosing capsules in case it does.

    It's not advertised, but if you stick a traditional 510 thread battery into the adapter it effectively turns it into a dab rig. I've also been able to use regular nicotine vapes through a water pipe with this. Very versatile, very good purchase

  7. Best WPA for the mighty

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 30th 2019

    The design of this adapter is perfect to fit a variety of water tools. It’s safer than similar products and causes no damage to the vaporizer itself. Highly recommend.

  8. Game changer!

    Posted by RJ on Aug 10th 2019

    Big clouds out of the Mighty using the adapter on my percolator !! Two thumbs up!

  9. Just what I needed in a WPA

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 4th 2019

    I have both the 14mm & 18mm WPA that were options at the time of purchase of my Mighty. The glass/hard plastic adapters come in two sections; the glass joint and the plastic retainer. The glass joint easily separates from the retainer and will fall to maybe the floor if not carefully paid attention to. The hard plastic retainer is tough to align and twist into the Mighty and I've heard where tightening the retainer too tightly has resulted in cracking the Mighty where the adapter twists in.

    The Delta3dstudios WPA fits both the 14mm & 18mm joint sizes. The wpa is made of a sturdy silicone that easily twists into the Mighty with no fear of cracking anything. I soooooo much more like this WPA than the Storz & Bickel adapters.

  10. Amazing to get fat rips

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 8th 2019

    The adapter fits perfectly on the mighty and allows more vapor to flow compared to the adapter that fits onto the mouth piece. The only downside to the adapter is that there is no passive cooling which causes a noticeable rise in temperature compared to using the mouthpiece

Showing reviews 1-10 of 51 | Next

Warranty Information

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Other Details

Silicone Rubber
Temperature Rating:
475F (246C) Maximum

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