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Scoop-N-Stir Tool

1.00 Ounces

Product Description

The scoop was designed to precisely load ground herbs / tobacco while the other side has three diamond shaped teeth designed to stir partially cooked material.  One full scoop is approximately 0.05 grams.
To use stir side: gently insert tool into device/stem and slowly roll back and forth between fingers to stir material.

This tool was specifically designed to work with the E-Nano, however the scoop works perfect for all devices and the stir-tool will work in any device with an oven size greater than 8.75mm. 

Looking for a custom version to fit a different device? No problem! Contact us for special requests

Note: This tool is printed off-site. It is 3D printed in stainless steel, and takes weeks to print. Inventory quantities are limited.

Summer 2022 Update:  Due to a drastic increase in costs for 3D printed steel, we were forced to increase our prices to cover the costs. We hope to find an alternative 3D printing partner to reduce pricing in the future

Product Reviews

  1. I am in love again

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 16th 2021

    I want to say thank you exactly what I need good quality very cute of course I’m going to get more different types fast Shipping hank you for that I wish you guys only good

  2. Awesome product

    Posted by RD on Feb 17th 2021

    Love this scoop, made very well. I don't use it for what it's made for but it still a great tool. Just wish it was a little bigger but again, I'm not using it for what it was specifically designed for. Maybe if they made a different one and made it bigger

  3. Amazing quiality

    Posted by Asagil on Oct 6th 2020

    The only reason I’m giving 4 stars is because one little part of my spoon was not gold color, instead it was full silver... Nothing to worry about, tbh... it works perfect, I love it!

  4. Great product

    Posted by Jg on Aug 2nd 2020

    Helps break up herb that has Ben stored and compressed, as well as storing in the volcano.

  5. Great tool

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 14th 2019

    Very good tool for loading and stirring

  6. best stirring tool I've ever tried

    Posted by David S on Oct 24th 2018

    There are lots of things you can use to stir your load - many even common household objects - I've tried lots of them... but this is simply the best tool I've come upon for the job. I use it for stirring VapeXhale herb baskets, Ghost crucibles, and stems for EpicVape E-Nano, Vapor Cup and Arizer Solo: it works well with all of them! (Caveat, the screen in VC stems has to be flush with the side walls, need have no inward leaning outer screen seams for there to be enough room to stir. All others listed always have ample stirring space.)

    I like to use this tool with easy 2 step process: first do a few straight up and down motions while turning stem with other hand to break up any clumps in the load, then turn stir tool side to side with a slight upward motion at end of each turn. The latter will result in the tool lifting up parts of your load and then gently dropping them elsewhere - a perfect redistribution, so that nothing in your load evades your vape or flame heat!

    The scoop end also works well... like all scoops how well depends on the shape of the thing you are scooping out of. All in all, an excellent multi-purpose tool which feels good in the hand and won't take up much of any space in your work area.

  7. SCOOP-N-STIR aka the Tri Pitchfork :)

    Posted by Silat on Jun 19th 2016

    For me the scoop is perfection and I use it with a D-Volcano.
    I am a late night medicator and use the solid valve.
    My dosage is between .1 and .15 in the bowl which gives me 2 fine bags.
    My grinder is the GR8TR with the finer grate plate, which gives the perfect grind for the Volcano.
    The SCOOP-N-STIR scoops between .1 - .15 when dipped into the GR8TR chamber.
    It is a solid piece of equipment and I love it.
    Highly recommended.

  8. EXACTLY what I needed!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 23rd 2015

    This tool really is impressive in how well thought-out the design is. Stirring and clearing my e-nano stems is so much easier than before, and I really like using the scoop with my Daisy vaporizer as well! For some reason, it works better with my adjust-a-bowl screen stem than with my GonG from Epicvape, but it's still works very well. I'm sure this would make a great gift for anyone that owns a nano!

  9. Excellent quality and function

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 23rd 2015

    A great little tool for my e-Nano. Great quality product. Highly recommend.

  10. Perfect!!

    Posted by Kevin on Jul 11th 2015

    My go to tool for my e-Nano!! Awesome product and can be used with many other vapes besides the nano as well. Perfect scoop size!!

Other Details

3D Printed Stainless Steel
Max Temperature:
830ºC / 1526ºF
70 x 10 x 12mm ( 2.7" long )

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